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Wildcat Cheerleaders Shine at Camp

Posted on: July 12, 2015
 The Finneytown Cheerleaders hosted a 3 day cheer camp with Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA) during the second week of July.  During the event the cheerleaders learned new techniques, cheers, chants and dances.  Other schools included Deer Park, LaSalle, Taft and Woodword.
The Varsity Squad earned Superior rating in all categories each day and earned an overall superior rating for the 3 days.  Their Cheer routine and dance routine earned them 2 more trophies coning in 2nd in each category.  They also earned the overall leadership award.  This award is not decided by the UCA staff but decided by all the other schools in attendance.  The Sparkle Cats also performed and received a trophy as special recognition for their program.
The Junior Varsity Squad received excellent ratings each day and earned 3rd place trophies for their cheer and dance routine.  JV also earned the Superior Improvement Trophy for most improved squad from the the beginning of camp through the last day.  
The final awards were given to 3 All-Americans on the Wildcats Squad.  Seniors Katie Wade, Maddie Benroth and Sydney Zwick all earned All-American status which qualifies them to attend Varsity Spirit London event from December 26th-January 2nd.  The event includes several special events with the main even of performing in the London New Years Day event.
Also receiving the All-American award was Ashley Hockenberry from the JV squad and she qualifies to attend the Varsity Spirit Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade November 24th - 27th.  This event includes special events as well with the main event being performing in the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Parade.
Congratulations to everyone who participated and earned awards.