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Brent's 12 Days of Giving!

Posted on: December 8, 2016


Brent is starting a “giving challenge” for our students as we enter Winter Break. We ask our families to please review and reinforce these 12 practical ways of giving on the designated day with your child(ren). Mr. Mattingly will announce them each day. These 12 days of giving will be a special thing for our students! Also, please visit our giving tree in the main hallway for students to be reminded of ways they can give this holiday season.

Thursday, December 8: GIVE A SMILE!

Friday, December 9: GIVE A COMPLIMENT!

Monday, December 12: GIVE A HIGH-FIVE!

Tuesday, December 13: GIVE YOUR TEACHER RESPECT!

Wednesday, December 14: GIVE A WILDCAT WAVE! (silent)

Thursday, December 15: GIVE YOUR BEST WORK!

Friday, December 16: HELP SOMEONE IN NEED!

Monday, December 19: GIVE A HUG!

Tuesday, December 20: MAKE A NEW FRIEND!

Wednesday, December 21: SAY THANK YOU!

Thursday, December 22: GIVE A PICTURE/DRAWING!

Friday, December 23: BE A GOOD LISTENER!