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"Right here in front of you are real, live heroes."

Posted on: August 25, 2016

That's what Brent Elementary School Principal John Mattingly told 300 cheering students as they welcomed Springfield Township police, fire and EMS departments to their school Aug. 25.

It was the first day all Brent students were on campus together, and they were welcomed back with a Superhero Recognition Ceremony. Mr. Mattingly reminded them to continue being "respectful, responsible, safe and problem solvers" and to behave like heroes every day.

He praised the Springfield Township first responders for working hard to keep their community safe every day, and told Brent students, "Right here in front of you are real, live heroes."

Before they headed off to class, the students got to pass through the "Hero Walk," and exchange smiles and high-fives with Springfield Township Police Chief Robert Browder, Assistant Chief Rick Bley, Lieutenant Chris Niehaus and Officer Doug Freeman, and Springfield Township Fire Department Lieutenant Tom Sarvis, Medic Doug Price and EMT Jeffery Morris. "Work hard today! Do your best! Enjoy your day!" the safety officials told them.