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The Bengals Come to Brent!

Posted on: May 18, 2016

All year long, Brent students and staff have worked on being 'respectful, responsible, safe problem solvers.' A number of super heroes have helped them along the way. This week they included two Cincinnati Bengals!

Veteran offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth and linebacker Vincent Ray -- two of the NFL's nicest guys -- talked about how they use respect, responsibility and problem solving in their careers every day. "In my job, it's being respectful to my head coach and all my coaches. They're my teachers," Vincent Ray said. "Here, it's everybody's job to listen to your parents and your teachers and to do what they say. It's trusting and believing that your teachers know what's best for you and want you to do well. In football, we call it 'buying in' -- believing that my coach is telling me something for my own good.'

The players teamed up with Brent students and staff to compete in challenges, and then explained how they used their problem-solving skills to win the event. They were asked how they overcome challenges as football players. "What I tell young guys is that you're going to have a new challenge every year, every week, every day -- injuries and new assignments," Andrew Whitworth said. "The best thing you can do is be your own best critic and your best encourager."

The father of four and a Pro Bowler, Mr. Whitworth said he tells his own children, "Be kind to each other, and give a little grace."