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The Brent Beat 2.25.16

Posted on: February 24, 2016
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Brent Families-

Our donation box in the office is filling up!  Remember, it’s “cool” to be kind!  Please see the link for the Brent Beat below.

Brent Superhero Kindness Challenge 4: Thursday

Students:  Smile and say goodbye to your friends as you leave for the day.

Staff:  Bring a snack or drink for a friend to help them through their day.  Write a note of encouragement to them. 

Family:  Leave a nice note for a neighbor.

Brent Superhero Kindness Challenge 5: Friday

Students:  Pick up a backpack, coat, gloves or hat that is on the floor.  Help a friend!

Staff:  Send a parent an email about something great you noticed about their child.  

Family:  Give your family a hug.  Tell them why you love them.

The Brent Beat 2.25.16

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