The Finneytown Local School District is pleased to offer you a service that will save you time, improve delivery of services to your child, and also help our schools operate more efficiently.

FinalForms is an online program that allows parents to complete and file most school and athletic forms electronically. When the system is fully in place in Finneytown Schools, parents will – for example – be able to fill out emergency medical forms, sign off on technology acceptable-use forms, register their child for a sport, and sign up for a student parking space all via computer. For families who don’t have access to a computer, the district will provide designated times when parents can use technology on a school site.

Because the system is new to parents, staff and coaches, the district will pilot FinalForms this year only for families signing up for spring sports. The system will go live on Feb. 1. After that date, we ask that you and your son or daughter go to and register for your FinalForms account. (Parents will have an account as will student-athletes in grades 7-12.) Once registered, you will be able to sign on to your account and see the forms you’ll need to complete to register your child for the sport.

The only form that you will still be required to print, sign and return to the athletic department is the OHSAA Physical Form. As in the past, it will also have to be completed by a physician. In the future FinalForms will automatically notify you when your child’s Physical Form needs to be updated.

A huge advantage of FinalForms is that information is stored from year to year and sports season to sports season. You will not have to re-enter information each year, but you will have the opportunity to update it. FinalForms is already in use by more than 75 school districts and serves more than 73,000 Ohio students. It has proven to be safe, efficient and very easy to use. We’re pleased to add it to our menu of student services.

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