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5 Things You Need to Know about School Bus Safety

Posted on: November 30, 2015

Did you know that American schoolchildren are seven times safer on a school bus than in an automobile?

Finneytown's four brand-new buses have impressive standard safety features -- plus a host of new enhancements.

1. School buses are made with a reinforced steel shell from bottom to top. The roof won't collapse even in the rare event of a rollover.

2. School bus seats are heavily padded and almost two feet higher than students' heads, creating a safe compartment.

3. Finneytown's new Thomas buses have extra high-visibility emergency lights. There are additional strips of flashing lights on the front grill and on the back of the bus, serving as additional warning for oncoming motorists.

4. The new buses also cannot move forward when the door is open, helping to ensure that students have safely exited and crossed the street before the bus proceeds.

5. The new buses have much larger, tinted windshields, enhancing visibility.

Each of the 18 buses in the Finneytown fleet covers about 30,000 miles each year. The six buses Finneytown traded in within the last two years had a total of 1.25 million miles on the road. The new buses cost $85,000 each and are expected to be in service for 10 years -- although the hard-working Finneytown transportation department has managed to keep some buses on the road for 27 years!