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7 Things You Should Know About A New Property Agreement with Springfield Township

Posted on: January 27, 2016

1. On Jan. 19  Finneytown Local Schools and Springfield Township signed an agreement for a three-year option to exchange property.

2. The Finneytown Schools' property is 1.365 acres along Winton Road at Whitaker Elementary. The township property is 1.365 acres of its Warder Nursery property near Whitaker Elementary.

3. The agreement gives the township the exclusive right to purchase the Finneytown property -- by exchanging the Warder Nursery property -- by Dec. 31, 2018.

4. If the township does not exercise its purchasing right by the three-year deadline, the agreement expires.

5. This proposal has been the topic of discussion between the district and the township for many months.

6. Winton Road frontage and access are necessary for proper development and community access to the site, regardless of the development type.

7. The school district does not endorse any particular type of development on the Warder Nursery property.