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A little help for the Easter bunny

Posted on: April 7, 2017

How much candy does it take to fill 2,020 plastic Easter eggs? Students in the Secondary Campus's multiple handicapped class know because -- to help out a Northside non-profit -- that's just how many they stuffed.

The students had already developed a relationship with Happen, Inc., a Northside non-profit organization that brings families and community groups together for creative experiences. When Happen founder Tommy Rueff visited their classroom, he learned that they spend their afternoons doing employment-readiness training. So instead of sending off to the East Coast for pre-stuffed plastic eggs for Happen Inc.'s annual community Easter egg hunt, he asked to hire the Finneytown students instead. The class and their teachers, Valerie Borger and Diana Erdmann said an enthusiastic yes.

The result: more than 169 dozen perfectly stuffed Easter eggs, a great community tradition for the kids in Northside, and a $200 check, which will pay for a riverboat ride for the Finneytown students.

"I never thought that this simple task would mean so much to somebody else and also affect me the same way," Mr. Rueff wrote in a Facebook post. "The more the students got excited about the project, the more I got excited. It has been a wonderful experience and an Easter celebration that I won't forget. Thank you so much to all the students and their supervisors. You bring love and joy to your program that radiates far beyond the classroom."