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A Top Academic Honor: Induction into NHS

Posted on: April 26, 2016

You work hard. You take on responsibility. You have a reputation for integrity. And then one day, someone slips a blue satin ribbon over your head and welcomes you into the National Honor Society.

That's what happened April 26 to 21 top students. They were practicing for a choral concert, taking notes in class or running laps on the track when current National Honor Society officers slipped into their classes, started a round of applause and "tapped" them with a blue ribbon.

The students -- chosen on the basis of scholarship, leadership, service and character -- were Belinda Baty, Alexia Bonds, Julia Brueggemeyer, Matthew Dauterman, Lily Earlywine, Hunter Figgs, Shelby Hatton, Xander Hatton, Lily Hursh, Mckenzie Jones, Erica Lee, Selena Munger, Ben Perry, Simona Reid, Carissa Ruffin, Jack Ryan, Joel Steimle, Neru Tamang, Zakyrah Taylor, Allison Towner and Calvin Viola.

Also announced were 2016-17 NHS officers: President Denise Tepe, Vice President Alissa Wuorinen, Secretary Annalise Barber and Treasurer Martha Gakunju.

In addition to the new members, current members of NHS include Seniors Jenna Brown, Molly Brown, Briana Blackman-Brassell, Luke Brueggemeyer, Tess Enderle, Ian Esslinger, Julia Germann, Katherine Germann, Sarah Rose Germann, Jacob Gordon, Evan Keith, Emily Martens, Aidan Matzko, Madison Mayes, Sam Osterwisch, Sydnei Simpson, Hannah Siuda, Jacob Stevens, Elizabeth Snyder, Kaitlyn Wade and Olivia Williams. Juniors are Anna Amend, Annalise Barber, Olivia Caton, Izaak Cruz, Martha Gakunju, Joey Gerbus, Pramika Moktan, Faty Ndiaye, Rochelle Parsons, Sita Rai, Hayley Richardson, Adam Schwegman, Pratima Sapkota, Denise Tepe, Lydia Wolferst and Alissa Wuorinen.