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Finding out all about the Class of 2030

Posted on: June 21, 2017

Know and be known -- that's the thinking behind Brent Elementary's kindergarten assessments. New this year, the assessments help kindergarten teachers gauge their students' social and intellectual development before they set foot in their new classroom.

Dividing the incoming kindergartners into small groups of 4 to 6, Brent kindergarten teachers and counselor Nancy Rouse evaluate academic skills -- like identifying letters and sounds and recognizing high-frequency words -- and observe children interacting at structured play. They also help the children and their parents become familiar with their new school and staff. For parents, it's also an opportunity to register their child for a library card, get a copy of the school-supply list and learn more about kindergarten-readiness skills.

The information staff members gather helps determine fall placements, so all kindergarten classes are a mix of learners with different academic and social strengths and challenges.

"It gives the children another opportunity before they're a student to see our school -- the classrooms, the media center, meeting our teachers," says Brent Principal John Mattingly. "And it helps us have a better understanding of them, so on the first day of school we're not trying to figure every child out."