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Finneytown Schools Master Plan

Posted on: March 29, 2018

Finneytown Local Schools Master Plan

Our passion for our schools and our community drives us to take roads we’ve never imagined. This road, while winding and twisting, has also been full of excitement and renewal. While our journey is just beginning, we thought we would walk you through the path Finneytown Schools has taken to a Master Plan. The District has spent the last six months collaborating and inviting input. The Finneytown Board of Education (BOE) members, Superintendent Terri Noe, Finneytown staff members, and many community members came together to develop a Master Plan that includes the possibility of replacing the current buildings in the district. There have been over 30 community meetings held to allow input from all stakeholders, as well as to disseminate information about new facility options.

At the culmination of all the meetings and options presented, a two building solution became the viable option for the district.

The positive benefits for two buildings are as follows:

  • there will be more room for growth with two buildings and this will allow for more open spaces at each campus for activities.

  • there will be separate spaces for elementary and secondary students, which eliminates the concern for parents of younger students;

  • the traffic flow will be divided amongst the buildings, and therefore alleviates additional traffic on Fountainbleau;

  • there will be a substantial cost savings in moving from three buildings to two buildings but not significant additional savings from two buildings to one.  

The negative benefits were seen as:

  • There may still be some issues with sharing resources with the different campuses, i.e. teachers, and other staff


The BOE voted on Sunday at the Special Board meeting, to accept the 2 building option recommended by the superintendent.

Superintendent Noe then shared an email from the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC). The OFCC oversees the funding of the state matching funds. At the moment, Finneytown would pay 48% of the base project and the state would pay 52%. The email explained that the timeline set for Finneytown to apply for co-funding has been moved forward. Instead of submitting an application now to be considered in July 2018 as planned, the communication stated the earliest possible request would be entertained in July 2019, but that more likely it would not be until 2020 or 2021. If Finneytown has to wait until July 2021 for the state to pay the co-share, the local funding potion would need to be sought through a bond levy in November 2021, and we would not move into new buildings until 2025, at the earliest. Finneytown BOE agreed not to submit an application to request funding from the OFCC until March of 2019 as requested at this time. The OFCC indicated Finneytown would keep its place on the list until such time as the OFCC contacts us. The OFCC stated they would contact us as funds become available.

We will continue to update the school community and community-at large as more information becomes available. As we continue our journey to better school facilities, there will be opportunities to help us brainstorm options going onward. We look forward in your involvement and being apart of our planning for the future of Finneytown Local Schools.