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"Mr. Farr literally would tell me every day, 'I know you can do this.'"

Posted on: October 30, 2015

On the last day of their season, senior Wildcat football players honored their most influential teachers by asking them to wear the players' jerseys. It was -- as Athletic Director Michael Stevens had hoped -- a way to say thanks for their interest, encouragement and support.

For math teacher Phil Farr, wearing wide receiver Delshon Watson's Number 7 was an unexpected honor. "He's such an upbeat kid. He could pick things up so quickly. To wear his jersey -- you're very honored and humbled that you've had that impact."

For Delshon, the opportunity was "a dream come true -- I've always wanted to play in the NFL so Mr. Farr wearing my jersey is like step one," he said. "Last year he was my first-bell teacher -- I had to think about algebra the first thing when I came to school -- and he made it fun. He literally would tell me every day, 'I know you can do it.'"

Teacher Sarah Miller says she was thrilled to be asked to wear James Brooks' jersey. "I'm not much of an athlete so I feel like a slightly different person wearing James's jersey -- a different version of myself. I've walked around saying I'm on special teams."

And in a way, the teachers are -- they make up a special team of adults who value the seniors not only as athletes but as students and individuals. "We're going to miss them," said teacher Carolyn Althoff. "They've brought a light to this school that has nothing to do with wins and losses. They're all winners to us."