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On a Roll: Nia McCormick Scores 31 Points Against Reading

Posted on: January 25, 2016

You thought the Broncos and Panthers were peaking at the right time? The Women Wildcats' basketball team has won three of their last four games with point guard Nia McCormick tossing in 31 points in Saturday's win over Reading. Here's Nia's view from the court.

How important is basketball to you, Nia?

It’s very important. It’s the way I express myself. I’m always on the court. I play the whole game.

You scored 31 points on Saturday. Impressive!

(Grins.) Yeah. I had scored 33 points a couple of games back.

So how does that happen? How do you make that happen?

I’m aggressive. I know how to create my own shot. I know to stop or pullup if the defender is already ahead of me, or to keep going if they’re falling back.

Have you had a favorite play this season?

Against Deer Park I had a half-court shot, which tied the game. When I first shot it, I was like, no. But when I looked up at it, I was like, that shot is about to go in!

How did your team start turning around its season?

We all got used to playing with each other. We had a lot of people who had never played basketball before, and I was new -- I moved from Mt. Healthy. As the season went on, we started knowing each other’s weaknesses and strengths.

Talk about your strengths. By the way, just mentioning that you were the Student Athlete of the Month for December.

I work hard. I train even when it’s not through the school. I go to the YMCA downtown, and my AAU coach trains with me. I encourage my teammates to do better. I bring some of them with me when I go downtown to work out.

Do people give you advice?

My mom always tells me that you never know who’s in the stands – what college coach is out there – so give it your all. And she reminds me to eat before a game.

What do you eat before a game?

(Laughs.) I drink like three orange juices.

How do you feel about your fan base?

It would feel good to know you had people there to support you. Sometimes there are more people there from the other school than from our school, at a home game.

So do you have a favorite move?

I’ve been practicing this move, and I couldn’t get it down, and I tried it on Saturday and it worked! It’s a reverse lay-up to the right side but with my left hand. I was under the net a little bit, and I flicked it. My teammates said, “Nice move!”