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The Making of a Meteorologist: COSI on Wheels comes to Whitaker Elementary

Posted on: February 2, 2017

Thanks to funding from the Finneytown Elementary PTA, Whitaker students spent a day learning about wind, rain, clouds -- and even how to create their own mini-tornado. http://local.cincinnati.com/share/story/244456



It was all part of a road-show program called ‘Current Conditions,' put on Jan. 27 by the Center of Science and Industry (COSI) in Columbus. Students in grades 3-6 learned how to explore how air turns into wind, set up the right conditions for a storm and form real clouds inside a canister.

At an all-school interactive assembly, students learned about cloud types, atmospheric pressure, weather forecasting and safety in extreme weather. Then students moved on to hands-on activity stations – manned by COSI staff members and Finneytown High School physics students – where they tried out the tools used by meteorologists and conducted experiments involving air pressure, the water cycle and weather prediction.

Now if they could only figure out how to trigger a snow day. . .