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The World Comes to Finneytown: Celebrating World Culture Day at Brent Elementary

Posted on: April 25, 2016

It was an evening of Nepali dancing, Korean dumplings, Mexican tin crafts -- and friendships that spanned the globe. Brent Elementary's World Culture Day celebrated the 26 countries and cultures represented in its student body.




Families had the opportunity to practice using chop sticks, learn dances, make crafts, see clothing, try delicious food and enjoy being part of the rich, thriving, diverse community that is Finneytown. Each student received a personal passport and then received stickers upon visiting each country's booth.

"Tonight was an awesome showcase and celebration of the diversity of our families and the heritage of our students," said Brent principal John Mattingly, Jr. "(School counselor) Mrs. Rouse's personal touch of contacting and inviting each participating family contributed to this being such an inclusive experience."

Mrs. Rouse said it was an honor to be part of the event. "Each family went above and beyond to represent their country and heritage. The atmosphere, energy, and smiles were beaming from start to finish. I had many "in awe" moments throughout the night and we plan to make it bigger and better every year!"