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Vote for Mrs. Hubbard's beautiful quilt!

Posted on: December 1, 2017
"Sanctuary" quilt by Kathy Hubbard

The Taft Museum is holding a small-quilts competition, and Whitaker Elementary art teacher Kathy Hubbard's charming "Sanctuary" quilt is currently in second place. Vote for Mrs. Hubbard's quilt at https://tinyurl.com/https-tinyurl-com-quiltvote and read on for the story behind it.



Mrs. Hubbard's quilt -- like the tradition of quilting itself -- is a product of pieces of her life coming together in a pleasing and somewhat surprising fashion. The quilt grew out of a quilt-making workshop she enrolled in at Miami University. It incorporates not only beads and an evocative photograph, but also material handed down from her seamstress-grandmother. "The leaves are from one of her old dresses," Mrs. Hubbard says.

What the quilt also brings together are pieces of the 30-year veteran teacher's personal and professional lives. The quilting competition is linked to a quilt exhibit by Heather Jones, a nationally known quilt artist and designer who is also a former student of Mrs. Hubbard's. Out of a host of entries, Mrs. Jones chose ten finalists, her middle-school teacher's among them.

The hand-stitched 14"x18" piece took 60 hours of work. It was a labor of love for Mrs. Hubbard, who enjoys glass-bead making and photography in addition to fiber art. "The joy for me was the making of this piece, getting to that place where you're just in it and you're focused -- where you love the work, and you're figuring it out," she says. "I love the colors. I loved bejeweling it. It's kind of like a collage."

After spending her days teaching art at Whitaker, Mrs. Hubbard also teaches a weekly art course at Miami University. Her goal in both places is to make art accessible to all students, no matter their ability level or past art experiences. "I love the kids who take every project and make it wonderful, but I also love the kids who struggle with things and are so proud when they complete something. Some of my students at Miami have no background in art. They make something and say, 'Wow, I get to do this -- do I get to keep this?'"

Earning finalist status -- and, with Finneytown staff and family votes, perhaps winning the Taft quilt competition -- has been a special joy for Mrs. Hubbard, especially as she's watched her former student go on to national acclaim. "It's kind of like a circle," she says. "What you give comes back."

Vote for Mrs. Hubbard's quilt at https://tinyurl.com/https-tinyurl-com-quiltvote. Voting continues until Friday, December 8. See the 10 finalists and Heather Jones's exhibit, A Sense of Home, at the Taft Museum, 316 Pike St., Cincinnati 45202.