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Whitaker Students Make Video with XU Coach Chris Mack

Posted on: October 13, 2015

Students Kennedy Adams, Elizabeth Cain, Lucas Campbell, Xavier Sheets and Carson Smedley are part of a project sponsored by Interact for Health and Xavier University to promote healthy habits.

On Oct. 12, the Whitaker students ran, tumbled, threw, jumped rope and sprinted at Xavier University's Cintas Center as cameras rolled and XU head basketball coach Chris Mack talked to them and students from other local schools about being active. The footage will be turned into videos announcing the "HealthyXFActor" contest, an initiative to encourage kids around the Tristate to make healthy choices. Students will be able to submit a story or photo showing how they made a healthy decision, and win tickets to an XU basketball game or private basketball camp with Coach Mack.

The videos with Kennedy, Elizabeth, Lucas, Xavier and Carson will show up at upcoming XU basketball games, the XU and Interact for Health web sites and other public venues.