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"You have some extraordinary students sitting before you today."

Posted on: May 12, 2016

Scholars, artists, athletes, volunteers, leaders. Those are the roles played by the top-ranked students in Finneytown's Class of 2016. At this week's Academic Signing, the Top 10 were welcomed by the lucky universities they'll attend.

In front of a gathering of family members, classmates and Finneytown staff members, the Senior Class's Top 10 students accepted college t-shirts, Buckeye necklaces, handshakes and hugs. They took a moment to thank parents and teachers -- and even little brothers and sisters -- and to reflect on what Finneytown has meant to them.  "This is the beginning of a happy celebration," secondary principal Dr. Sally Thurman told the group. "You have some extraordinary students sitting before you today."

Liz Snyder thanked her friends for "walking through life with me." Sarah Germann said, "The teachers here are the best part of Finneytown." Olivia Williams told her parents, "Thank you for teaching me to never back down." Luke Brueggemeyer summed up the mood of the room: "I cannot wait to see what the next four years will be."

Here, in alphabetical order, are the top scholars and the universities they'll attend:

  • Luke Brueggemeyer, Florida State University
  • Julia Germann, University of Cincinnati
  • Katherine Germann, Valparaiso University
  • Sarah Germann, Valparaiso University
  • Emily Martens, University of Cincinnati
  • Aidan Matzko, The Ohio State University
  • Hannah Siuda, Birmingham Southern
  • Elizabeth Snyder, Miami University
  • Jacob Stevens, The Ohio State University
  • Olivia Williams, University of Cincinnati