Safety Drills


State law requires Ohio school districts to conduct 12 safety drills each year. They must be conducted in conjunction with and reported to local law enforcement authorities.

The 12 required drills include:

  • Six fire drills for schools with smoke detectors or sprinklers. (Nine fire drills for schools without sprinklers or smoke detectors.) These drills rehearse the most effective way to evacuate students in response to an emergency.

    • One fire drill must be conducted in the first 10 days of the school year. 



  • Three school safety drills. These drills cover an emergency caused by an act of violence. 
    •  One of these drills must be a lockdown, where students are secured in the school rather than evacuated.

        Schools must submit advance notice of safety drills to local law enforcement.

    •   At least one safety drill or fire drill must be conducted each month.



  • Two tornado drills.

    • One drill must be conducted each month that school is in session during tornado season, April 1 to July 31.


  • One theoretical school safety drill (table-top exercise) with law enforcement. The purpose is to have safety professionals instruct staff how to react in different emergency situations.

    • Students do not have to be present for this drill.