8916 Fontainebleau Terrace
Cincinnati, Ohio 45231
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Phone (513) 728-3700
Administration Office
Finneytown Local Schools has a skilled staff whose goal is to make the Finneytown educational program rewarding in every way. They "set the tone" for all elements that make Finneytown Schools not only an educational institution of highest quality, but also a professionally run organization that is focused on partnering with the parents and students to make their Finneytown experience enjoyable in every way.

The Administration Office is responsible for the operation and management of the school system. Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday. 

The Adminstrative Office Building also houses the Board of Education meeting rooms and the district Staff Development Center.


Mr. Jim Dickerson, President
Ms. Anita E. Ruffin,  Vice President
Mr. Scott Haarlammert
Mr. Michael Matzko
Mrs. Cindy Rebman


Location:  8916 Fontainebleau Terrace
Cincinnati, Ohio 45231
Telephone: 513-728-3700

Superintendent: Mr. Tyrone Olverson
Phone:  728-3700
Email:  tolverson@finneytown.org
Administrative Assistant: Beverly Thal
            Phone:  728-3700
            Email:  bthal@finneytown.org
District Registrar/EMIS Coordinator: Sherry Chambers
Phone: 728-3700
Email: schambers@finneytown.org

Treasurer: Mr. David Oliverio
Phone:  728-3705
Email:  doliverio@finneytown.org
Payroll Specialist:  Lois Cutsinger
            Phone:   728-3705
            Email:   lcutsinger@finneytown.org
Accounting Specialist:  Ann Morey
            Phone:  728-3705

Director of Student Services: Mr. Scott Gates
Phone:  728-3700
Email:  sgates@finneytown.org
            Phone:  728-3700
Administrative Assistant: Patty Schnur
Phone: 728-3700
Email: pschnur@finneytown.org
District Registrar/EMIS Coordinator: Sherry Chambers
Phone: 728-3700
Email: schambers@finneytown.org
Director of Business and Academic Services: Mr. Jack Fisher
Email: mailto:jafisher@finneytown.org
Administrative Assistant:  Beverly Thal

            Phone:   728-3700
            Email:   bthal@finneytown.org


Athletic Director: Michael Stevens
Phone:  728-7223
Email: mailto:mstevens@finneytown.org

Transportation Supervisior: Mark Jung
Phone:  728-7220
Email: mailto:mjung@finneytown.org

Communications Coordinator:
  Shawn Maus
Phone:  728-3712
Email:  smaus@finneytown.org

School Social Worker:  Cathy McNair, L.I.S.W.
Phone:  728-3731

District Nurse: Melissa Agbenu
Phone: 728-7229
Email: magbenu@finneytown.org

School Resource Officer: Officer Rami Khayo
Phone:  728-3723
Email: rkhayo@finneytown.org
District Media Specialist: Mrs. Lara Walker
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