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2017-2018 Finneytown Reflection Winners

Posted on: December 8, 2017 2:40 pm

2017-18 Finneytown PTA Reflections Winners

“Within Reach…”


Congratulations to all of our students that participated in this year's PTA Reflections program in Finneytown!  Our number of entries submitted this year was 56.  This was a few more than last year but still a small number unfortunately.  There were 12 entries from the Elementaries and 44 from the Secondary Campus. Thanks to the staff and parents that encourage participation.  Thank you to our art teachers, Jenny Brunsman, Kathy Hubbard, Aaron Hugenburg, Carolyn Althoff and Julie Ficke and ELA teacher Rhiana Blaugher for their encouragement of the program as well.  We have a wonderful tradition of excellence in the arts here at Finneytown and it is exciting to be able to celebrate this through the National PTA Reflections program.


A big “thank you” to our judges: Aaron Hugenberg & Carolyn Althoff (Secondary Campus Art Teachers), Marty Hogan (retired Enquirer writer) and Jo Hogan (local artist)!  Thanks also to Julie Ficke for helping with the program at the Secondary Campus.


Winners will be recognized at their End of Year Awards Ceremonies

Secondary Campus winners will be displayed at the district Arts Fair in May

Because of a generous donor within the district, each of the winners will also be receiving a gift card this year


Starting this year, we will not have 1st – 3rd place winners but instead recognize the top three entries per category as all being winners with no ranking of them. Those winners from Finneytown have moved on to Hamilton County Council (HCC) PTA for judging at that level.  The HCC PTA Reflections Open House will be held Wednesday, February 21st, 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Hamilton County Educational Service Center (Hamilton Ave.) to honor those winners from the member school districts.


2018-19 Reflections Theme: “Heroes Around Me”

Below are our 2017-18 Finneytown PTA Reflections Winners:


  Primary (K-2) Winner                                           

            Aurellia Ortiz (K gr.)                          Within Reach I Reach Out to You

  Intermediate (3-5) Winners

            Christen Fessler (5thgr.)                       The Great Animal War of 2017

            Violet Kimnach (3rd gr.)                      I Reach

  Middle/Junior (6-8) Winners

            Ava Martin (6th gr.)                             My Journey

            Anya Revelle (6th gr.)                          Save the World

            Ava Weaver (6th gr.)                           No Limits

       Honorable Mention:

            Grace Finch (6th gr.)                            How to Make Our World a Better Place

  Senior (9-12) Winner

            Aubrey Weaver (9th gr.)                      Harmony is Within Reach



  Intermediate (3-5) Winners

            Christen Fessler (5thgr.)                       High in the Sky

            Christen Fessler (5thgr.)                       Differences

  Middle/Junior (6-8) Winner

            Ava Weaver (6th gr.)                           Imagine-Dream-Reach

  Senior (9-12) Winner

            Aubrey Weaver (9th gr.)                      Your Dreams are Within Reach



Visual Arts

   Primary (K-2) Winners

            Harper Lindemann (2nd gr.)                 Super Dog

            Aurellia Ortiz (K gr.)                          The Pearl of Kindness

   Intermediate (3-5) Winners                                  

            Madeline Engleman (3rd gr.)                Splash in the Woods

            Christen Fessler (5thgr.)                       Big Hearts

            Christen Fessler (5thgr.)                       Friendship

  Middle/Junior (6-8) Winners

            Abby Jeffries (8thgr.)                           Identity          

            Anna M. Tenhundfeld (8thgr.)            My Identity Map

            Ava Weaver (6thgr.)                            Within Reach

       Honorable Mentions:

            Elizabeth Cain (8th gr.)                        My Identity

            Michael Nicht (8th gr.)             Identity Map

  Senior (9-12) Winners

            Alyssa Ramsey (10thgr.)                      Reaching

            Jaden Smedley (9thgr.)                        Music Speaks

            Aubrey Weaver (9thgr.)                       World Peace is Within Reach

     Honorable Mentions:

Brennan Jones (9th gr.)                        Mountains Sun

Cameron Spriggs (9thgr.)                     Present Prospect


  Special Artist Winners

            Robert-Thomas DeNike (8thgr.)          The Red Tree

            Robert-Thomas DeNike (8thgr.)          Reach for the Stars