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Senior Class Sets Record for Scholarship Dollars

Posted on: May 17, 2016 12:00 am

Mark Hawkins Scholarship winner Corey Young, with Mark's mother, Sharon Hawkins.

As class historian Sarah Germann said of the Class of 2016 at Senior Awards Night, "When something needs to be done, we buckle down and do it well." So well, in fact, that this year's senior class smashed the record for scholarship dollars, being offered more than $4.5 million.

Besides the scholarships, grants and awards offered by colleges, 28 local scholarships were awarded to 34 students at Senior Awards Night. Some were given by families in memory or honor of a loved one. Some were given by alumni in memory of a classmate. Others were awarded by local clubs and organizations, such as the Finneytown Civic Association, Finneytown Garden Club, Finneytown Boosters and Finneytown Education Foundation. A last group was given by school employees and parents' associations. Local scholarship dollars totaled $57,750. All scholarship dollars topped $4.5 million.

Seniors receiving scholarships at Awards Night were Justin Amend, Brianna Blackman-Brassell, Jenna Brown, Molly Brown, Luke Brueggemeyer, Susan Coreas, Sarah Dennis, Tess Enderle, Ryan Friedhoff, Julia Germann, Katherine Germann, Sarah Germann, Alexander Goellner, Eunique Gooch, Caroline Hershey, Jake Hockenberry, Kaitlyn Jones, Evan Keith, Krista Lee, Emily Martens, Aidan Matzko, Maddie Mayes, Diamond Oglesby, Sam Osterwisch, Aaron Palmer, Perez Rankin, Sam Rice, Hannah Siuda, Liz Snyder, Jake Stevens, Amberly Stier, Olivia Williams, Corey Young and Sydney Zwick.