Secondary Campus News

So whose name is on your back?

Posted on: October 28, 2016 12:00 am

Finneytown senior football players paid a special tribute to the teachers who influenced them the most. They asked the teachers to wear their football jerseys for the final day of the season.

Senior Bryan Chalk chose Mr. Kimar Morris. Courtez Evans chose Mrs. Catherine Wilde. Nate Maru chose Mrs. Julie Ficke, and Chris O'Leary chose Mrs. Amy Parker.

"It's her character -- she treats students with respect," Nate said of Mrs. Ficke. Chris said Mrs. Parker has been supportive of him since sophomore year. "She's just a really nice person."

Now in its second year, the jersey tribute was started by Athletic Director Michael Stevens. "It's good for the staff, and it's good for the students," Mr. Stevens said. "It makes the students really think about who has influenced them, and what the staff has done for them. And it lets the staff see that they're really making a difference for our kids."