Whitaker Elementary News

A downpouring of rain; an outpouring of generosity

Posted on: November 9, 2017
flooding of media center at Whitaker Elementary

After word got out about flooding at Whitaker Elementary School’s media center, community members, alumni and total strangers responded with touching generosity. Some people called to donate gently used books, and some started GoFundMe sites or book-collection projects. Many asked the question, “How can we best help?” Here are a few suggestions:

First of all, not only are we touched by the generosity, we are inspired, energized, cheered and empowered by it! And since people were sincere about wanting direction on how to help, we are glad to offer a few thought.

Our biggest needs are for books suitable for Grades 2-5 readers in these subject areas (the subject areas we lost): water, fossils/dinosaurs, plants, sharks, frogs, dolphins, chemistry, magnets, sound/light, seasons, science experiments, languages, natural disasters and military. We particularly appreciate hardcover books that are relatively new (a copyright of 2005 or later would be wonderful).

Because our media center is relatively small, we don’t have room for other large donations of books. If other books are donated, we would like to be able to share them with other libraries or schools that have needs.

We would greatly appreciate having the donor’s name and address. We like to inform our Board of Education of donations, and we also want to properly thank our benefactors.

Our flooded library was a heart-breaking sight. The outpouring of love and generosity has been a heart-warming experience. A humble thanks to one and all.