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HCC PTA Reflections Winners

Posted on: February 4, 2016

2015-16 Finneytown PTA Reflections Winners

At the Hamilton County Council PTA Level

“Let Your Imagination Fly…”


Below is the list of our Finneytown winners that have been recognized at the Hamilton County Council (HCC) PTA level.  The HCC Winners and notated Honorable Mention entries have advanced to the state level.  We hope to hear the results from the state level in March.  All of the Finneytown winners will be recognized at:


The Hamilton County Council (HCC) PTA Reflections Open House

February 17th, 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Hamilton County Educational Service Center (Hamilton Ave.)



Brent winners will be displayed at school and awards handed out there at the end of year

Whitaker winners will be recognized during Third Quarter Awards.

MS/HS winners will be recognized at their End of Year Awards Ceremonies


All winners will also be displayed at the district Arts Fair May 15th


Next year's theme is, “What is your story?”

It's not too early to start on next year's competition.



   Intermediate (3-5)

     Ava Weaver (4thgr.)                       Sisters                                            ***HCC PTA Winner***

     Sophie Ward (5thgr.)                      The Gem                                 *HCC PTA Honorable Mention*

    Middle/Junior (6-8)                                   

      Abby Jeffries (6thgr.)                     The Pop Flamingos             *HCC PTA Honorable Mention* (moved-on)

      Max Revelle (6thgr.)                      Coke                                    *HCC PTA Honorable Mention* (moved-on)

      Aubrey Weaver (7thgr.)                 BreAva’s Closet                  *HCC PTA Honorable Mention* (moved-on)



   Primary (K-2)                                            

     Anton Vovchenko (1stgr.)              Dinosaurs                                      ***HCC PTA Winner***

   Intermediate (3-5)

     Ava Weaver (4thgr.)                       My Shoes                                      ***HCC PTA Winner***

     Christen Fessler (3rdgr.)                  My Ponies                               *HCC PTA Honorable Mention*

  Middle/Junior (6-8)

      Aubrey Weaver (7thgr.)                 Bridge of Dreams               *HCC PTA Honorable Mention* (moved-on)


Visual Arts

   Primary (K-2)        

      Karah George (1stgr.)                    Market Day                                   ***HCC PTA Winner***

     Logan Keller (2ndgr.)                      Reds Baseball field                 *HCC PTA Honorable Mention*

  Intermediate (3-5)                                       

     Ava Weaver (4thgr.)                       Imagination                                   ***HCC PTA Winner***

  Middle/Junior (6-8)

     Alyssa Ramsey (8thgr.)                   The Soul of a Cat is Imagination Itself   ***HCC PTA Winner***

     Sophie Palmer (6thgr.)                    Dream, Believe, Inspire       *HCC PTA Honorable Mention* (moved-on)

     Joelle Reid (6thgr.)                          Chain of Lies                       *HCC PTA Honorable Mention* (moved-on)



 Visual Arts

   Senior (9-12)

     Anisha Silva (12thgr.)                     Woodland Retreat                        ***HCC PTA Winner***

     Miranda MacBrair (12thgr.)            The Face of America             *HCC PTA Honorable Mention* (moved-on)

     Roxane Frund (9thgr.)                    Let Your Imagination Fly     *HCC PTA Honorable Mention* (moved-on)

    Special Artist                                 

     Robert-Thomas DeNike (6thgr.)     Sunset                                           ***HCC PTA Winner***

     Aaliyah Culberson (13thgr.)            Let Your Imagination Fly             ***HCC PTA Winner***

     Robert-Thomas DeNike (6thgr.)     Light House on a Cliff                  ***HCC PTA Winner***


Music Composition  

   Middle/Junior (6-8)

      1st –  Audrey Kimnach (6thgr.)      So Beautiful                                  ***HCC PTA Winner***

   Senior (9-12)                                  

      1st  – Alexander Eberhardt (10thgr.)   As Opposed to Silence            ***HCC PTA Winner***


Film Production  

   Intermediate (3-5)

     1st –  Chloe Honnaker (3rdgr.)        Chloe Honnaker’s Cooking Show  ***HCC PTA Winner***