Whitaker Elementary News

Keeping Our Students Safe

Posted on: November 8, 2017

We want our students to be safe traveling to and from school, especially as winter approaches and the days are shorter. Here are a few simple but important reminders.

First, always cross the street at a crosswalk. That is the only place where motorists are expecting to see pedestrians. (And even in a crosswalk, students should look both ways before crossing and should walk defensively.)

It's wise for students to walk their bikes across a crosswalk, rather than ride them. It makes them a little more deliberate and careful about crossing.

Arrival and dismissal times are busy and active times for a school building. It takes everybody -- drivers, walkers, buses, etc. -- paying attention and being courteous to each other to keep students safe.

Remember that as the days shorten, it gets harder for motorists to see students who are walking to school or waiting at bus stops. Reflective clothing and backpacks are good ideas, and staying on the sidewalk and crossing at crosswalks becomes even more essential.