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PARCC Reports

Posted on: December 16, 2015

Dear Parent or Guardian:

Last spring, your child took new state tests in English language arts and mathematics known as PARCC tests. These tests measured how well your son or daughter had mastered the knowledge and skills every student should have in your child’s grade according to Ohio’s Learning Standards. The PARCC parent reports will be sent home in Thursday folders tomorrow. Fourth grade students received mathematics results only as they have already received OAA Reading scores. Fifth and sixth grade students received PARCC English language arts and mathematics results. These reports give you a picture of your son’s or daughter’s learning progress. 

What do your child’s scores mean? Ohio has raised its expectations for what your child should know and be able to do in each grade and subject, so every child will graduate from high school better prepared for the next steps in life. Ohio’s Learning Standards now place greater emphasis on critical thinking, problem solving and writing because these are the most important skills today’s colleges and employers expect in our graduates. The PARCC tests measured your child’s performance on these skills at a deeper level than ever before, so your child’s scores on these tests may look lower than on prior years’ tests. As schools continue to follow Ohio’s Learning Standards, your child will have more chances to build these skills.

See the document titled What Your Child’s PARCC Scores Mean in Ohio to learn what these test scores should tell you as a parent.

Want to understand more? This report breaks down the subject studied according to the skills and knowledge covered on the test. It shows where your student is doing well and where he or she needs more help. I encourage you to talk to your child’s teacher for more information on how he or she is performing in class. Also talk to the teacher about what you can do to further support your child’s learning. You can find learning aids matched to your child’s grade online at BeALearningHero.org.

What can you expect in the future? Ohio is working to improve its tests for this school year based partly on parent feedback. You will continue to see your child’s critical-thinking, problem-solving and writing skills tested, in addition to your child’s subject knowledge. But these will not be PARCC tests. This year’s tests will come from a different testing company that is working closely with Ohio teachers. You will receive your child’s current-year test results by mid to late June 2016. To receive updates on current and future developments with Ohio’s State Tests, visit education.ohio.gov/testing-updates.

Ohio is working to better prepare its students for success in school, careers and life. I know that change is challenging. But in all we do with testing, we are working to prepare your child for a more promising future. Thank you for all you do to support your child in school.

Lisa Tenbarge, Whitaker Principal